Dustin's corporate responsibility work

As one of the leading resellers of IT solutions to businesses, organizations and consumers in Scandinavia, Dustin has a great opportunity but also responsibility to actively contribute towards a sustainable ecological, economic and social development. Step by step, we are striving to decrease our own, our customers and our suppliers environmental and social impact. We base our efforts on working together with our customers and suppliers to, step by step, promote a more sustainable IT industry and move toward becoming part of a circular economy.

Out corporate responsibility report

In our corporate responsibility report, we aim to describe the steps we have made in a transparent manner, and would also like to present the challenges we are facing and the work required to meet them. You can download out corporate responsibility report in the right menu on this side.

Positive and negative impacts

We operate in an industry that has substantial impact on the environment and people. Some of the impact is positive in the form of technology that reduces the need for transportation and travel. As an industry we have a substantial negative impact in the form of transportation, manufacturing and increasing utilization of resources. Our industry is also immature in terms of setting requirements on suppliers. We think it’s important to take our responsibility and contribute to drive the development both internally and in the industry.

An integrated part of our business

Dustin’s overriding objective is to, in all business activities, ensure that the outmost consideration is taken in order to conduct a responsible, business-ethical and sustainable operation. This objective has been concluded by the Dustin board of directors and senior management and described in the Dustin Code of Ethics as well as Dustin's Behavior Code for Suppliers.

Dustins Head of Corporate Responsibility compares the trend to our key ratios and strategies. The Sustainability Council, which includes the Executive Management team and the CEO, meets each quarter to review the results.

Fundamental principles

Dustin is member of the UN Global Compact and complies with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Conventions and the OECD guidelines. Our fundamental values and principles for responsible behaviour are described in our Code of Business Ethics and the Code of Conduct for suppliers.

Contact: cr@dustingroup.com